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TodCast #27 CATIA Composer Moto Demo



Here is just a few possible use cases for CATIA Composer showing some nice examples in Sales and Marketing, Quality Assessment, Customer Support and Services, Manuals and Technical Documentation, and Engineering and Manufacturing using imported PMI from CATIA.

BTW,  We are still looking for customer demo videos, possible tips or any other Composer skills you would like to highlight. One Customer has just submitted one and I’ll be posting it soon.

Come on, lets see what you got, show off your skills impress your co-workers.


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TodCast #26 3DVIA becomes CATIA Composer


You probably noticed some changes when you got to 3DMOJO.

New logo and colors, whats up? You might say, “but I’m not a CATIA user.”  Not to worry, its all good 3DVIA Composer is now called CATIA Composer.  This is an exciting development which promises to be help for all Composer users.

CATIA is Dassault Systèmes’ pioneer brand. It is the world’s leading solution for product design and innovation. As Composer is professional content authoring software for the communication of engineering data, it makes sense to bring it into the CATIA family.

This transition allows us to access the latest CAD technologies, ensuring CATIA Composer is up to date with current versions and features of CATIA, while maintaining the openness that made 3DVIA Composer su...

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Dell AMD 3DVIA Composer Demo


What started out as demonstration of AMD’s FirePro graphics card performance with 3DVIA Composer turned into a full-blown partner demo with Dell and AMD.

Here is the story. Antoine Reymond (AMD) was interested in showcasing the power of their FirePro graphics card at an upcoming tradeshow. The demo was built using large 3D CAD data sets and a 3DVIA Composer experience performing simultaneously on three separate monitors with AMD Eyefinity. When Antoine saw the 3DVIA Composer capabilities to present information in a cool way that people could understand, it sparked an idea to promote his product using 3DVIA Composer. Antoine quoted, “3DVIA Composer immediately clicked to me as the best way to showcase and create an interactive and animated storyboard...

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3DVIA @ SolidWorks World 2010


Cliff brought his video camera to this year’s SolidWorks World, and here are his main take-aways…

Here are some notes from Cliff that he posted to the 3DVIA blog:

Thanks to the SolidWorks team for their input in this video.  Jeremy Luchini designed the Hot Rod electric car model in SolidWorks, which you can see here on

If you want to see more videos from SWW 2010, go here to the SolidWorks YouTube page.

For more information of the benefits of 3DVIA Composer for SolidWorks users, check out the 3dmojo blog or these Cliff’s Clips I created for SolidWorks users:

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Getting your CAD data into your iPhone



UPDATED INFORMATION: Using the latest iPhone 3GS updates, you can now get up to 100,000 triangles into 3DVIA Mobile.

We used many 3DVIA tools together (, 3DVIA Composer, 3DVIA Mobile) into one video to show how our users can take advantage of all the new 3D technologies we offer.

In this video, Cliff play’s the role of a Copier Salesman, Emmy is an Office Manager (the customer), and I play the Product Manager. Cliff and I work together to easily solve a problem using 3DVIA.

Oh, and the images of me only pretending to be busy? Completely untrue. 🙂

We must give credit to the 3D models used in this video:

– The Audi Tt by jled

ScubaGarths Copier:  Before, and After

– And, a cameo appearance by Tex-Rex by IsaacMiller1993

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Customers speak out!


Recently, I received some user comments to several blog posts. Normally I strive for non-censorsed, authentic content. Unfortunately, this user insisted on making personal attacks at me as well as other rude comments that do not bear repetition.

Among the fluff, this user did manage to articulate a point, and here is the text:

All I read about is how everyone else is terrible and Seemage is great, but I don’t hear discussions about business value that you guys have delivered. You should really start taking the high road, as I know Seemage is a decent product but this kind of lame, baseless contempt for the competition is becoming a standing joke amongst my peers. For those of us looking to buy Seemage, it would help if I didn’t have to explain to my executives why your blog always sounds like you guys have your backs against the wall….Help a brother out!

So to “help the brother out”, here is a recent email that I received from a customer, explaining why 3DVIA Composer (aka Seemage), is great:

Still very ...

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3DVIA your iPod #73: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Part 3



Here is yet another in-depth demonstration of a 3DVIA Composer integration to ENOVIA SmarTeam. This time you will see 3DVIA Sync Integration, 3DVIA Composer, CATIA, and ENOVIA SmarTeam all comimg together to create a very robust environment for creating, managing, and updating 3D animated content.

The example will show how SmarTeam meta data can be integrated into the 3DVIA Composer content, how the 3DVIA Composer file can be managed and updated by SmarTeam, and how CATIA modifications to the product structure can be automatically propagated into 3DVIA Composer.

Thanks again to Evgeniy Fedotov for the great sample integration and video.

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3DVIA your iPod #72: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Part 2



Back in Episode #64, you saw a great example of the power of 3DVIA Sync Integration and the ease and speed by which a SmarTeam integration can be built.

This podcast shows another example of integrating 3DVIA Composer into ENOVIA SmarTeam, in particular the ability to update Composer data with meta data modifications. The combination of Composer’s XML structure, associative labels that reflect current meta data values, and the ability to tie it all together into SmarTeam provides exceptionally robust capabilities for just about any customer-specific integration requirement.

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3DVIA your iPod #71: Standard Icons from Xype



Here is a great sample given to us from Richard Hale of Xype. The effective use of standard icons is prevalent in this example, and is used to ensure efficient information transfer from the author to the consumer of the data. Standardized icons and symbols ensure that the end user has a consistent visual aid to accompany the animated procedure. The icons can also be used as “hotspots” or links to provide an enhanced level of interactivity with the 3D document.

Thanks to Richard for sharing this sample and for showcasing how a simple standarization can further enhance the learning curve to add coherence and reliability for all parties involved.

If you have a sample tip, technique, or just want to share what you are doing, please drop us an email at

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Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing



Ryan Foss was a guy with some ideas. He happened to share those ideas with some folks at Right Hemisphere, and now alleges that his ideas were actually stolen by them. He blogged about this on April 30, and you can read his story here.

It goes to show that you always need to watch your back, create contracts, look at the fine print,  and always beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. This is especially true when implementing a new software system.

In their efforts to build a system that reuses 3D CAD and PLM data for the downstream user, Right Hemisphere has embedded the requirement for a server-based product. One that is necessary if you want the slightest chance of seeing any of the proposed benefits of their product...

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3DVIA Composer to be featured at ENOVIA Americas Customer Conference



I am pleased to announce that 3DVIA Composer can be seen at the upcoming ENOVIA Americas Customer Conference, May 6-9 in the Orlando World Center Marriott.

Please be sure to stop buy the Dassault Systèmes booth at the ENOVIA Americas Customer Conference. Also, on Tuesday, May 6 @ 2:30 pm, stop by the Solutions Theater for a 3DVIA Composer presentation.

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3DVIA your iPod #69: “Compound Motion Paths”



Back in podcast episode #44, you saw how easy it was to create complicated motion paths using the simple technique of combining assembly movements with part movements.

Yesterday I was browsing the 3dmojo forum, and I found a very good question posted by 3DComposter (clever and humorous username, by the way!). I thought the answer to this question would make a perfect podcast episode — how you can create a complicated motion path using very simple techniques.

Enjoy this podcast episode, and please feel free to continue posting questions to the forum. And if you have created any of your own interesting animation techniques, please feel free to share them with us by posting them directly into our forum under the “Share It” thread.

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3DVIA Composer to be featured at the COE PLM Conference



Newsflash: 3DVIA Composer has been added to the breakout session grid at COE!

Chris Williams, the General Manager of 3DVIA Enterprise, will host an in-depth session titled Revolutionizing Design Communication: Creating Product Information with 3DVIA Composer. This presentation and discussion will begin on Tuesday, April 29 at 4:30 pm, as part of the “COE Briefing Center #1” track, in the Australia 3 room. This news is so late-breaking that the COE website has not yet been updated with this information.

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3DVIA your iPod #68: Dewoitine D520 animated!



You may recall the Dewoitine D520 example that Laurent BEAUVAIS had created in 3DVIA Composer. Mr. BEAUVAIS had done a fantastic job of creating all of the views needed to show how to assemble the model plane — and this podcast episode will show you how easy it is to reuse those views and build an animation from them.

3DVIA Composer is all about giving you many ways to reuse and leverage your content, so that you can get your job done more quickly than ever before.

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Tech Writers Unite!



It had been a long standing assumption of mine that anybody threatened by new technology would dig in their heels and fight for the status quo. In the case of 3DVIA Composer, I had believed that our ability to rapidly generate rich content would threaten the traditional technical writer.

I will not belabor the point any further… instead I bring you the voice of David Lance, an experienced technical writer who was recently introduced to 3DVIA Composer. (Full disclosure: David is a tech writer for SolidWorks.)

I sup...

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Evolution or Revolution?



This blog post got me thinking about the way that technical illustrations have evolved over the past few years, from the days of airbrushing and photography to a new digital era of creating illustrations on a computer. It also got me thinking about a January 2008 article in Intercom magazine, entitled “Three-Dimensional Illustration for Technical Communicators” which has this to say about the evolution of technical illustrations from flat 2D images into robust 3D images:

“You don’t need to be a skilled illustrator to create effective 3-D graphics. Three-dimensional illustration allows the technical communicator to respond quickly to project changes and create imagery appropriate for most publications or multimedia...

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Upcoming Swedish Webinars



I am pleased to present to you our very first Swedish post!

Webinar: optimera din tekniska dokumentation – i 3D

Dassault Systèmes bjuder in dig till ett webinar om 3DVIA Composer, ett verktyg som kommer att revolutionera dokumentationen av era produkter och processer, i både pappers- och elektronisk format. Anmäl dig till ett av våra tillfällen: tisdag den 18 mars 2008 kl 10  eller onsdag den 19 mars 2008 kl 14. Varje webinar vara 40 minuter.

Links to webinars:

March 18
March 19

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3DVIA your iPod #64: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Sample



We are often asked about whether 3DVIA Composer can be integrated into a PDM or PLM system. The answer, of course, is a resounding “yes”. With the power of 3DVIA Sync Integration and our open XML architecture, our customers have been able to create very robust integrations to their business systems such as Agile, SmarTeam, ENOVIA VPM, and many others. And the best part is that they were able to complete those integrations very quickly.

Jonathan RIONDET was in Dassault Systèmes Russia last week and had the chance to meet Evgeniy FEDOTOV, one of the application engineers for ENOVIA SmarTeam. To prove how easy it is to integrate 3DVIA Composer into SmarTeam, he was able to insert our free 3DVIA Player ActiveX control into SmarTeam, to enable 3DVIA Player as the viewer for SmarTeam...

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Ancient references



Many people are familiar with this illusion of the “old lady, young lady” image. This old/new paradigm seems to be all the rage lately. On American television, we witness countless new reality shows featuring celebrities from the 80s and 90s, desperately trying to find new fame. While sometimes entertaining, there is also an embarrassing undertone to the shows, like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

It’s very similar to how PTC is reviving old Itedo Isodraw references and massaging them into wonderfully new Abortext Isodraw references. These retreads from the past, pure 2D technical illustration references, are being re-framed and re-branded as great new references that are fully leveraging 3D in new and innovative ways...

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3DVIA your iPod #63: “SolidWorks: Heard!”



This week I am pleased to bring to you a podcast from, a site dedicated to providing tips, tricks, tutorials, or tech news on all things SolidWorks. 

In this episode, Lou Gallo offers his expert opinions and insights after taking a 3DVIA Composer training class. He discusses what the product does and how it fits into the SolidWorks family of products. He explains why 3DVIA Composer is not a “replacement” to existing tools, but is a wonderful compliment to help bridge the gap between CAD tools and documentation layout and publishing tools.

Lou also talks about the other modules of 3DVIA Composer, and highlights some examples and use cases as to when you would need to use them and what value they will bring.

And my favorite part comes at the end of the podcast —...

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Visualization is not enough



We have said this many times: visualization is not enough; viewing 3D geometry does not add any value to anybody, whatsoever!

That may sound like a provocative statement, but this humorous anecdote from is a great example that not only is visualization not enough, it can be downright confusing.

Humor aside, it is not enough to simply look at a model on the screen, you need to learn something about that model. That model needs to tell you a story. So what matters most is context. When you can add additional product information to support the geometry, and can convey what should be done with that part and the ones around it, then you can tell a story and you can provide real value...

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Dewoitine D520 in 3DVIA Composer!



With apologies to our bilingual friends who have already seen this in a previous post, I am pleased to present to you a sample 3DVIA Composer file created by Laurent BEAUVAIS, a PLM Dassault Systèmes Consultant and also a big fan of fighter planes.

With his digital mockup of the Dewoitine D520 plane, Laurent created this assembly sequence during the weekend right after his first introduction to the product. (I especially like the part about how our users enjoy using 3DVIA Composer so much, that they like to use it in their spare time!)

That’s enough talking… click on the link below to download and explore this self executable file...

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3DVIA your iPod #61: New 3DVIA Composer brochure


This week I bring to you a special Monday podcast: our brand new 3DVIA Composer brochure.

This version has been optimized for electronic distribution. High-resolution printed copies will be available soon.

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3DVIA your iPod #60: “Using 3DVIA Sync Integration to programmatically update your product deliverables”


In a previous podcast, you watched Jonathan use 3DVIA Sync to automatically update his product deliverables. It is a very powerful demonstration, and I encourage you to watch it again.

This week, you will see a similar demonstration, but with a very key difference: all of the CAD conversion and publishing to 2D formats is done using 3DVIA Sync Integration. Using scripting and XML job file definitions, 3DVIA Sync Integration offers a powerful way to equip your PLM systems with the ability to automatically trigger the creation of 3DVIA Composer files and publish them into several deliverable formats.

Most importantly, with 3DVIA Sync Integration your PLM system can take engineering modifications and perform incremental updates to the 3DVIA Composer content, re-publish your deliverables, and...

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Technia breakfast meetings and upcoming Webinar



On Tuesday, March 11, Technia, a 3DVIA Composer partner with several offices in Sweden, Finland, and Norway, will present a 3DVIA Composer webinar. They will also be holding a series of breakfast seminars in February and March. Details (in Swedesh) can be found in the PDF at the bottom of this post.

Technia breakfast meeting dates: 

February 26 in Göteborg
February 27 in Jönköping
February 28 in Karlskrona
February 29 in Örebro
March 4 in Stockholm
March 5 in Karlstad
March 7 in Sundsvall

For more infomation, please visit:

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