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3DVIA your iPod #71: Standard Icons from Xype



Here is a great sample given to us from Richard Hale of Xype. The effective use of standard icons is prevalent in this example, and is used to ensure efficient information transfer from the author to the consumer of the data. Standardized icons and symbols ensure that the end user has a consistent visual aid to accompany the animated procedure. The icons can also be used as “hotspots” or links to provide an enhanced level of interactivity with the 3D document.

Thanks to Richard for sharing this sample and for showcasing how a simple standarization can further enhance the learning curve to add coherence and reliability for all parties involved.

If you have a sample tip, technique, or just want to share what you are doing, please drop us an email at

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Technia breakfast meetings and upcoming Webinar



On Tuesday, March 11, Technia, a 3DVIA Composer partner with several offices in Sweden, Finland, and Norway, will present a 3DVIA Composer webinar. They will also be holding a series of breakfast seminars in February and March. Details (in Swedesh) can be found in the PDF at the bottom of this post.

Technia breakfast meeting dates: 

February 26 in Göteborg
February 27 in Jönköping
February 28 in Karlskrona
February 29 in Örebro
March 4 in Stockholm
March 5 in Karlstad
March 7 in Sundsvall

For more infomation, please visit:

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Greetings from SolidWorks World 2008!



Here in San Diego, we are in the middle of another astonishingly successful SolidWorks World for 3DVIA Composer. Hundreds–dare I say thousands–of interested prospects, customers, bloggers, press agents, resellers, and employees have swarmed our kiosk and have been totally amazed by our capabilities. There has been non-stop traffic to our booth; so much so that we had to bring in a 3rd flat screen LCD panel, creating a theater experience to accommodate the demand!

Thank you to our friends and future resellers from the mid-west for their permission to post our candid photo capturing their deep interest in our product. A photo is truly worth a thousand words — ’nuff said.

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CAD file conversion misses the bus


Thinking about CAD file format conversion without content creation is like missing the bus

Here at Seemage, we marvel at the amount of time and energy people spend thinking about file format conversions. In a nutshell, we believe this is a solved problem…that people who want or need to convert file formats can and do, easily and accurately.

We think the real issue isn’t about conversion…it’s about content creation. Customers tell us they need technology to allow departments outside engineering and design to create useful, accurate product deliverables. Our customers’ real challenge is to make it possible for end-users to achieve this in a compatible, secure way. (Naturally, we think Seemage matches this customer need perfectly.)

So, it never ceases to amaze me when I read a review of a product whose entire purpose…its complete market aspiration…its raison d’être is ...

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Seemage debuts for Japanese CAD and PLM users at the 18th DMS show in Tokyo


Seemage debuts in Japan for CAD and PLM users at the DMS trade show in Tokyo. Gordon Benson of NMHG (2nd from left) and Bruno Delayhaye (3rd from left) were on hand to participate

As you may have already heard, Seemage is making its Japanese debut at the 18th DMS trade show in Tokyo this week. In addition to the exhibit at the trade show, our partner Rikei Group has been holding  a series of seminars to introduce Japanese manufacturers to Seemage. From the reports we’ve heard, these have been hugely successful.

Pictured above second from the left is Gordon Benson, Senior Engineer, NACCO Materials Handling Group, Portland, OR, USA and, third from left, our globe-trotting, Paris-based VP of WW Sales, Bruno Delahaye at the Rikei exhibit on the trade show floor. I think this photo was taken yesterday (US time).

I didn’t get a close-up photo of the Japanese collateral for Seemage, which you see here being modelled by the ladies to the left and right of Gordon and Bru...

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What’s on our competitive radar?



To answer my own question: everyone else with whom we compete. This radar chart documents the results of our internal tests of the new Seemage 4.0 against our major competitors on 36 different functional areas. In short, it’s a rout.

It would be easy to be cynical and dismiss these results as pure propaganda, the results of rigged tests or biased assumptions.

But it just ain’t so. Quite the opposite in fact. The tests were done as a way to ensure that the newest release of Seemage remains competitive and maintains its lead. It might be hard to believe at first, but our guys were actually looking for issues in performance or functionality compared to the competition.

Why even show this on our blog? We believe these results make it clear that the architectural foundation of Seemage — it’s X...

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The wisdom of non-CAD, non-PLM crowds



Chris Williams, our CEO, and I were looking at a competitor’s website today, comparing their capabilities to ours. This is something everyone does…checking each other out is normal. (You should see the domain names that Google Analytics records as having visited both and

So, there we were…looking at that claim, evaluating that feature…when the real difference between Seemage and this other product leaped off the page into clear view: this competitor has designed its product for CAD-literate people. Seemage is all about enabling non-CAD, non-[tag]PLM[/tag] content creators outside the engineering group.

Chris picked up on this immediately, describing the competitor’s approach as flawed both technically and in its business-model...

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If all you have is a PLM hammer, watch out for your head

PLM is too expensive for simple collaboration and workflow applicationsRead More

See Seemage live in April



We’re very pleased to be part of an exciting series of three free, live seminars entitled Beyond 3D Design: New Ways to Benefit from SolidWorks.

InFlow Technology is presenting Seemage and other technologies that help you capitalize on your investments in 3D design using SolidWorks. The seminars are being presented in Milwaukee on April 19, Chicago on April 24, and Indianapolis on April 26.

We created an three minute audio invitation from Rod Levin of InFlow Technology that will tell you more about the seminars and why you will want to attend. Just click the player below to listen to Rod’s invite. Then you can register by clicking here.

We hope to see you at one of the seminars.

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Tone deafness in the (Acrobat) blogosphere



Allow me to detour for a moment from our usual fare of Seemage-focused commentary to lend the support and encouragement of all of us at Seemage and 3DMojo for our fellow blogger Franco Folini.

In a recent post, Franco details how his efforts to engage in open, direct communication with a blogger at Adobe was met with corporate stonewalling.

Reading Franco’s post reminded me of the most important lesson companies need to learn when they start reaching out to online communities: be authentic. If you want to give your point of view, you have to take the commentary of the community. And rule one: the community will tell you lots of things you might not want to hear.

As Franco points out, there’s a tradition of allowing voices to be heard...

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Parsing Adobe’s press releases



Isn’t this is a very cool image of the “smoke and mirrors” saying? You know, that phrase we all use when we are talking about big concepts with very little behind them?

Well, enough about that. On another point, I was reading the press release Adobe issued last week regarding Renault’s “adoption” of Acrobat 3D.

Since I write Seemage’s press releases — and these guys keep me on a very short leash to make sure that what I write is clear and not overblown — I was hoping this post will find its way to the person inside Adobe who wrote or reviewed this release and that he or she would be kind enough to answer these questions here on the blog or by email to

Truly, I’d love to be able to convince my bosses at Seemage that I should be allowed the same…uh…”freedom” to write pres...

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The confessions of a PLM salesman



I hope our readers will take a look at the InFlow Technology blog, in particular this post by Eric Gold in which he writes:

Companies that contact InFlow are generally not looking to buy a PLM solution. Rather, they are looking to solve complex issues in their organization.

All we can say in response is “hallelujah”. Eric’s post — the first of what he describes as an “infinite series” on PLM — comes from real-world, sitting-across-from-a-customer experience trying to solve real business problems.

It’s not the world of PLM product managers and marketing people theorizing about a market “space” or rebranding a bag of unintegrated CAD and workflow products as “PLM”.

Eric’s post rings true in our ears because we often succeed with Seemage in accounts where real people have real problems gett...

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Finally, are we on the file format down slope?



When no less an authority than Martyn Day begins talking about the problem of CAD file formats going away, it makes my day. Check out the last paragraph of Martyn’s report on SpaceClaim, where he says, in part:

“My last thought goes to formats….It strikes me that we are at a juncture where the problem of CAD file formats may well be consigned to history.”

We’ve posted pretty regular rants here trying to get the MCAD world focused on using 3D design information instead of worrying about converting it from one form to another. (Clearly, we know that one has to convert it as part of any application that isn’t the originator of the data.)

But the CAD world has been focused on conversion for so long that file format wars and discussion of how to get from one to the other have crowded out discu...

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