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TodCast #27 CATIA Composer Moto Demo



Here is just a few possible use cases for CATIA Composer showing some nice examples in Sales and Marketing, Quality Assessment, Customer Support and Services, Manuals and Technical Documentation, and Engineering and Manufacturing using imported PMI from CATIA.

BTW,  We are still looking for customer demo videos, possible tips or any other Composer skills you would like to highlight. One Customer has just submitted one and I’ll be posting it soon.

Come on, lets see what you got, show off your skills impress your co-workers.


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TodCast #26 3DVIA becomes CATIA Composer


You probably noticed some changes when you got to 3DMOJO.

New logo and colors, whats up? You might say, “but I’m not a CATIA user.”  Not to worry, its all good 3DVIA Composer is now called CATIA Composer.  This is an exciting development which promises to be help for all Composer users.

CATIA is Dassault Systèmes’ pioneer brand. It is the world’s leading solution for product design and innovation. As Composer is professional content authoring software for the communication of engineering data, it makes sense to bring it into the CATIA family.

This transition allows us to access the latest CAD technologies, ensuring CATIA Composer is up to date with current versions and features of CATIA, while maintaining the openness that made 3DVIA Composer su...

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3DVIA Composer will be at the 3DCIC Conference 2011


This year’s Collaboration and Interoperability Congress event will be held May 23-25 in Denver, Colorado. 3DVIA will be there in full force just like in previous years, to engage in conversations about improving the usability of 3D data in downstream applications and usages. Be on the lookout for Gideon and Kyle to answer any of your questions!

What exactly is the 3DCIC? Here’s the description from their website:

…brings together experts and executive decision makers from automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment, electronics and other discrete manufacturing industries, along with representatives from government and the defense community.

Attendees take part in a diverse choice of breakout sessions and lively panel discussions offering direct interaction with industry experts who deeply unde...

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3DVIA Composer Breaks Down Communication Barriers


In case you missed it, here is a press release from our SolidWorks team that mentions how 3DVIA Composer is being used by “Design That Matters” to help their efforts in developing countries:

Design that Matters, a non-profit product design group, used 3DVIA Composer to develop high-quality visuals of a phototherapy device to treat jaundiced infants in developing countries. The images enabled the design team to quickly gather feedback from, and gain acceptance by physicians in Vietnam, where it would initially be produced and used in hospitals that may not be able to afford traditional western machines.

Talk about global collaboration! That’s the power of interactive 3D — overcoming international language and cultural barriers:

“We are dealing with a different language, culture, and fina...

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Unexpected modernity for CAD and PLM


Technical illustrators will be happier using Seemage

Whenever we get a chance, we take the opportunity to share our product information everyware vision with industry analysts and journalists. Having been part of those meetings for a year now, there’s a consistent reaction when the product architecture behind our vision becomes clear to the analyst or journalist: they have an epiphany.

Last week, an analyst we were briefing had the classic full-body reaction and, suddenly, he grokked Seemage. Then he said, “But unless you explain this more, you won’t ever become famous for your architecture.”

Our response? People don’t (or shouldn’t) buy IT architectures. They do (and should) buy products...

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CAD file conversion misses the bus


Thinking about CAD file format conversion without content creation is like missing the bus

Here at Seemage, we marvel at the amount of time and energy people spend thinking about file format conversions. In a nutshell, we believe this is a solved problem…that people who want or need to convert file formats can and do, easily and accurately.

We think the real issue isn’t about conversion…it’s about content creation. Customers tell us they need technology to allow departments outside engineering and design to create useful, accurate product deliverables. Our customers’ real challenge is to make it possible for end-users to achieve this in a compatible, secure way. (Naturally, we think Seemage matches this customer need perfectly.)

So, it never ceases to amaze me when I read a review of a product whose entire purpose…its complete market aspiration…its raison d’être is ...

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Seemage in “Managing Automation”


Seemage in Managing Automation

Managing Automation writes about Seemage 4.2 here. AMR Research analyst Jeff Holjo notes that Seemage is in a “…burgeoning market that is gaining traction as a middle layer between the design engineering desktop and the shop floor…”.

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Behind the rise in PLM sales



As you probably know from reading our blog, we are attending COE and the PLM Summit this week in Las Vegas. Chris, Bruno and Eric are showing Seemage 4.0 in the CAA pavilion in TechniFair booth 408. If you are lucky enough to be at COE/PLM Summit this week, please stop by to see them.

While you are there, be sure to pick up a Seemage demo CD. In addition to lots of other cool Seemage materials, the CD has a Seemage animation that offers a solution to the devilishly complex wooden puzzles that we are also giving away in our booth. There’s almost no better demo than comparing the impossible-to-understand printed solution to the Seemage animation, which’ll have you solving the puzzle in seconds.

The importance of COE got me to thinking about what’s really behind the very optimistic PLM marke...

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ING Renault F1 Team accélère avec Seemage !



Avis aux amateurs de moteurs rugissants et de grandes vitesses !

Nous sommes particulièrement heureux de compter un nouveau client dans les technologies de pointe, ING Renault F1 Team. L’écurie de Formule 1 a choisi d’adopter la solution Seemage au sein de sa section de développement moteur à Viry-Châtillon pour pouvoir diffuser des pièces en 3D à des personnes qui ne font pas de CAO mais qui ont quand même besoin de pouvoir visualiser rapidement les résultats des recherches des concepteurs. A l’aube d’une nouvelle saison où la concurrence s’annonce très sévère, nous espérons donc lui apporter un atout supplémentaire dans la course au titre.

Profitons donc de l’occasion pour souhaiter beaucoup de succès à ...

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If all you have is a PLM hammer, watch out for your head

PLM is too expensive for simple collaboration and workflow applicationsRead More