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Dell AMD 3DVIA Composer Demo


What started out as demonstration of AMD’s FirePro graphics card performance with 3DVIA Composer turned into a full-blown partner demo with Dell and AMD.

Here is the story. Antoine Reymond (AMD) was interested in showcasing the power of their FirePro graphics card at an upcoming tradeshow. The demo was built using large 3D CAD data sets and a 3DVIA Composer experience performing simultaneously on three separate monitors with AMD Eyefinity. When Antoine saw the 3DVIA Composer capabilities to present information in a cool way that people could understand, it sparked an idea to promote his product using 3DVIA Composer. Antoine quoted, “3DVIA Composer immediately clicked to me as the best way to showcase and create an interactive and animated storyboard...

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Cool 3DVIA Composer demo video


Thanks to DSRussiaPS on YouTube for this demo video. And a pretty funky audio track too.

At around 1:36, there is a “technical illustration-looking” view that is created, with cables in red. I don’t have the exact same demo file, but I offer a suggestion to anybody watching it. Instead of using silhouette mode on the exterior/frame components — which makes the parts see-through — I would make the parts white in color and set their appearnce to “Flat Technical”. Then I would elevate the priority of the red cables to +1.  It gives a better sense of depth and location context, with the added benefit that you can show a colored background (since the parts are not see-through). It creates the following effect:

Sihouette Mode


Flat Technical Mode w/Priority Setting

And for you users of 3DVIA...

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