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3DVIA your iPod #83: “Toolbars and Shortcuts”


In this episode, Tod shows us the flexibility of the 3DVIA Composer user interface and how to customize it to maximize productivity to the way you like to work.

Like toolbars? Watch and learn how to create custom toolbars.

Like keyboard shortcuts? See how to set them up and really turn on the afterburners when it comes to getting work done quickly.

Find your fast” is not just for 3DVIA Virtools and 3DVIA MP… when it comes to fast, 3DVIA Composer becomes super-fast when you customize the interface to your preferences. It’s one of the reasons we have such great ease and fun of use: nothing beats performance and a crisp, clean user interface.

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3DVIA your iPod #74: “Really fast exploded views”


Have you ever spent hours to create a complicated exploded view, with thrust lines and callouts, only to have to re-do it when engineering makes a change on you?

This week, Tod Cruikshank shows us how to quickly create exploded views for technical illustrations. While in animation mode, he uses an innovative set of 3DVIA Composer functions to complete his demonstration. In particular he:

  • uses “associative paths” to create jagged thrust lines in one easy step;
  • uses a combination of assembly motion and part motion to create those thrust lines;
  • moves one part in an assembly, and then quickly applies that placement to other selected parts;
  • creates convenient hot keys to further increase the pace of his work.

When I first saw this technique, I was blo...

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Fun of use


Everybody wants to buy software that is “easy to use”, but what does that mean? “Ease of use” is a very subjective term, something that often is impossible to define. But yet in every software evaluation I’ve been involved with over my career, “ease of use” seems to be an important criteria for product acceptance. But ease of use does not guarantee product performance or avoiding the purchase of shelfware.

I believe that it’s time to introduce a new concept, and to forget all about “ease of use”. We need to start using a category where we can rate a piece of software on its “fun of use”. “Fun of use” means that users enjoy working in the software – which inherently means that the user is happy and effective and looks forward to using the product to get their job done...

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