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Benefits of Fully Shattered conversion


3DVIA Composer has 2 main conversion types available: Monolythic mode and FullyShattered mode. So what is the difference between these 2 formats type? What is the best methodology when facing large data conversions? Let’s try to discover that out.

Let’s first start with some definitions:

Monolythic files are actually archive file (a .zip file) containing the structure and its associated authoring features such as labels, arrows, views, properties, animations etc… It is one single file.


FullyShattered mode represents an exploded structure. It is a 3DVIA Composer product with multiple .smgXml and .smgGeom files. SmgXML can also point to .smgSce (e.g animations) + .smgView (e.g. views). These animations and views are available for all using this smgXML


Fully-shattered assemblies hav...

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