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Tips & Tricks on Large Data Handling


       In the last post (“Benefits of Fully shattered conversions”) we discovered that Composer FullyShattered mode was basically the best way to handle large data assemblies. Let’s discover here some tips & tricks to handle such large data .

To handle large data, 3 main axis have to be taken in account: The conversion part, the Application Preference settings and the rendering options.


There are 2 ways of converting into Composer format:

        1. Conversion through 3DVIA Composer authoring tool

It’s better to convert original CAD files, such as .CATProduct or .CATPart files, rather than .igs, .stp, .cgr or .3dxml files.

Composer best optimizes geometry translations for original CAD files.  Already converted files such as ...

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TodCast #20 Custom Rendering


Don’t forget about Custom Rendering. 

Win friends, influence people, look like a big time illustrator, whatever reason you can think of, custom rendering in 3DVIA Composer is easy and a powerful way to highlight specific parts and produce cool illustrations.

If you have not tried it yet, you should.

Enjoy Custom rendering,



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TodCast#19 Highlighting and Hotspots


Recently a customer told me he wanted to be able to turn off all selection and highlighting including the red bounding box but still see only specific objects  clearly .so I showed him how to do it.  I thought to myself, this would be a handy little tip for a TodCast so here it is.




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