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TodCast #20 Custom Rendering


Don’t forget about Custom Rendering. 

Win friends, influence people, look like a big time illustrator, whatever reason you can think of, custom rendering in 3DVIA Composer is easy and a powerful way to highlight specific parts and produce cool illustrations.

If you have not tried it yet, you should.

Enjoy Custom rendering,



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Detail View of a Detail View


Your illustration customer has a very specific style for their Detail View bubbles. Here are some techniques to match those styles. Lets get creative!


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Easily Use Your Drawing Frames for Technical Illustrations Just with 3DVIA Composer Standard Functions!


When creating technical illustrations with 3DVIA Composer a frequently asked question is how to show a drawing frame with title block in the generated vector outputs.

With the Model Browser it’s easy to create a library of drawing frames including the necessary text fields. The video shows how to create a standard A4 drawing frame with text fields and how to use it from the model browser for technical illustrations.

As usual for 2D drawings you’ll need one template for each paper size (paper space) you’re using. But have a look at the video… it won’t take more than 5 minutes for each.

Enjoy… and just ignore the German title block 🙂


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