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3DVIA your iPod #73: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Part 3



Here is yet another in-depth demonstration of a 3DVIA Composer integration to ENOVIA SmarTeam. This time you will see 3DVIA Sync Integration, 3DVIA Composer, CATIA, and ENOVIA SmarTeam all comimg together to create a very robust environment for creating, managing, and updating 3D animated content.

The example will show how SmarTeam meta data can be integrated into the 3DVIA Composer content, how the 3DVIA Composer file can be managed and updated by SmarTeam, and how CATIA modifications to the product structure can be automatically propagated into 3DVIA Composer.

Thanks again to Evgeniy Fedotov for the great sample integration and video.

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3DVIA your iPod #60: “Using 3DVIA Sync Integration to programmatically update your product deliverables”


In a previous podcast, you watched Jonathan use 3DVIA Sync to automatically update his product deliverables. It is a very powerful demonstration, and I encourage you to watch it again.

This week, you will see a similar demonstration, but with a very key difference: all of the CAD conversion and publishing to 2D formats is done using 3DVIA Sync Integration. Using scripting and XML job file definitions, 3DVIA Sync Integration offers a powerful way to equip your PLM systems with the ability to automatically trigger the creation of 3DVIA Composer files and publish them into several deliverable formats.

Most importantly, with 3DVIA Sync Integration your PLM system can take engineering modifications and perform incremental updates to the 3DVIA Composer content, re-publish your deliverables, and...

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Are you still in the “darkroom” about CAD file formats?


Using drawings to create product documentation is like using chemistry for photos instead of a digital camera

We’re back from a long holiday weekend here in the US, and I wanted to pick up the discussion thread started last week when we posted our assertion that the file translation problem has been solved.

Articulating that fact resulted in this comment from Deelip Menezes:

In the response to Scott Shepard, Alex says, “the manic focus on converting things obscures the need to do something with the info”. I could not agree more. I have a small question though. How the hell are you going to do something worthwhile with the info if you do not have the correct info to begin with?

With apologies to Deelip, I don’t want to get pulled into the sub-topic of file-format conversion accuracy, because that is, ahem, a religious war without solution.

Suffice it to say that I am happy to use a digital came...

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A user’s perspective on Seemage


Seemage is used to document Hyster forklifts

We are very pleased to post here an unabridged version of the article Gordon Benson of NACCO Materials wrote for Machine Design magazine.

As you read Gordon’s paper, we hope you will agree that the issues and challenges Gordon describes are universal no matter what CAD and/or PLM system your company uses, and that his approach to solving those problems in his company is applicable to your company as well.

Gordon places special emphasis on the ROI of better product documentation, something we believe is more and more evident inside manufacturing companies today. It’s the kind of thing you might expect software vendors to talk about. But it’s so much more authentic reading Gordon’s perspective than simply hearing it from us.

We want to thank Gordon for allowing us to post the original...

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Seemage your iPod #40: “Seemage Collision Detection”


Seemage Interactive Collision Detection

This week for our 40th episode (!!), Jonathan shows a capability in Seemage that we all know would lead to better product quality: the ability to detect serviceability issues. Seemage Interactive Clash makes it quick and easy for users who must document (and use!) service procedures to see exactly what will happen under various circumstances. We’ve all opened the hood of a car and wondered, “Sheesh….how would I remove spark plug #6?” With Seemage, you’d know. And this animation could be easily supplied on CD or a website to the service people at the dealership.

As impressive as clash detection is, note what Jonathan does after discovering the clash: he non-disruptively imports updated information into the scenario to resolve the issue...

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Visit Seemage at COE 2007 Annual PLM event in Las Vegas



Please visit Seemage in booth 408 in the CAA section at the COE 2007 TechniFair in Las Vegas. The TechniFair runs from Monday, April 30 at 5pm until Wednesday, May 2 at 1:45pm.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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The wisdom of non-CAD, non-PLM crowds



Chris Williams, our CEO, and I were looking at a competitor’s website today, comparing their capabilities to ours. This is something everyone does…checking each other out is normal. (You should see the domain names that Google Analytics records as having visited both and

So, there we were…looking at that claim, evaluating that feature…when the real difference between Seemage and this other product leaped off the page into clear view: this competitor has designed its product for CAD-literate people. Seemage is all about enabling non-CAD, non-[tag]PLM[/tag] content creators outside the engineering group.

Chris picked up on this immediately, describing the competitor’s approach as flawed both technically and in its business-model...

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ING Renault F1 Team accélère avec Seemage !



Avis aux amateurs de moteurs rugissants et de grandes vitesses !

Nous sommes particulièrement heureux de compter un nouveau client dans les technologies de pointe, ING Renault F1 Team. L’écurie de Formule 1 a choisi d’adopter la solution Seemage au sein de sa section de développement moteur à Viry-Châtillon pour pouvoir diffuser des pièces en 3D à des personnes qui ne font pas de CAO mais qui ont quand même besoin de pouvoir visualiser rapidement les résultats des recherches des concepteurs. A l’aube d’une nouvelle saison où la concurrence s’annonce très sévère, nous espérons donc lui apporter un atout supplémentaire dans la course au titre.

Profitons donc de l’occasion pour souhaiter beaucoup de succès à ...

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If all you have is a PLM hammer, watch out for your head

PLM is too expensive for simple collaboration and workflow applicationsRead More

See Seemage live in April



We’re very pleased to be part of an exciting series of three free, live seminars entitled Beyond 3D Design: New Ways to Benefit from SolidWorks.

InFlow Technology is presenting Seemage and other technologies that help you capitalize on your investments in 3D design using SolidWorks. The seminars are being presented in Milwaukee on April 19, Chicago on April 24, and Indianapolis on April 26.

We created an three minute audio invitation from Rod Levin of InFlow Technology that will tell you more about the seminars and why you will want to attend. Just click the player below to listen to Rod’s invite. Then you can register by clicking here.

We hope to see you at one of the seminars.

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The confessions of a PLM salesman



I hope our readers will take a look at the InFlow Technology blog, in particular this post by Eric Gold in which he writes:

Companies that contact InFlow are generally not looking to buy a PLM solution. Rather, they are looking to solve complex issues in their organization.

All we can say in response is “hallelujah”. Eric’s post — the first of what he describes as an “infinite series” on PLM — comes from real-world, sitting-across-from-a-customer experience trying to solve real business problems.

It’s not the world of PLM product managers and marketing people theorizing about a market “space” or rebranding a bag of unintegrated CAD and workflow products as “PLM”.

Eric’s post rings true in our ears because we often succeed with Seemage in accounts where real people have real problems gett...

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