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TodCast #29 Use Styles for Consistency


Styles are a very powerful and probably an under-utilized feature that can really help make your Composer experiences more consistent. In one example from the forum, a user was adding spaces to text panels to make them the same size. I see users all the time that will make a new panel and change the color, position and size over and over again and manually   move them around to the same position. When I show them how to do this with styles usually the first comment is “I wish I would have found this a long time ago”

So here you go, today’s Quick Tip – Use Styles for consistency.

Just thought I’d add a little note. If you do want to add spaces and keep them, use the Character map tool for spaces in Windows and create the style with that...

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Welcome to 3DVIA.tv!



Last week we launched 3DVIA TV (www.3dvia.tv), our online video channel where you can get access to all things 3DVIA.

We’ll still be posting 3DVIA Composer video podcasts to 3dmojo and to our YouTube channel, but with our growing list of web resources and communities, we thought it would be convenient for everyone if we collected everything into one site. It’s really about the “3DVIA network” where you can go and tune into different “channels” based on what you’d like to watch.

Thanks to Josh for breaking the news yesterday on the SolidSmack blog.

[Josh, I’d have given you 5 stars if you had linked to a Composer video!] 🙂

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3DVIA your iPod #82: “Textures”


Well we’re back with another video podcast after an extended absence.

iPhone users rejoice! Now you will have two ways to get these podcasts: through iTunes downloaded to your device, and now something new:YouTube. So pick the way that works best for you: on demand through your YouTube app, or keep them locally by subscribing to the iTunes feed through the iTunes store and syncing with your iPhone.

And now directly through the blog, you can watch these videos in HD (click the HD button after you start playing the video) and also in full screen mode. Enjoy!

Oh, and be sure to check out the 3DVIA Composer YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/3DVIAComposer.

In this episode, Tod — our resident “make it look nice” guru — gives us some valuable tips and tricks when it comes to adding texture...

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3DMojo Video Podcasts: now over 100,000 downloads!


3DVIA Composer 10,000+ podcasts

I am extremely pleased to announce that this past weekend, we have surpassed 100,000 downloads of our 3DVIA Composer video podcasts.

Just over 2 years ago, I was crashing a trade show and needed a way to show prospects something about our product. Something visual and portable that I could use to highlight some interesting capabilities and examples of 3DVIA Composer. Toting my laptop around was not an option, and I thought to myself “if only I could hold something in my hand and show some examples of interactive documentation and animations”… and then I it hit me that I could use Composer to create some AVIs, and then convert those AVIs to iPod format and download them to my new video iPod. And thus our podcast series was born, with our very first podcast on November 6, 2006.

Now, over 80...

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3DVIA your iPod #74: “Really fast exploded views”


Have you ever spent hours to create a complicated exploded view, with thrust lines and callouts, only to have to re-do it when engineering makes a change on you?

This week, Tod Cruikshank shows us how to quickly create exploded views for technical illustrations. While in animation mode, he uses an innovative set of 3DVIA Composer functions to complete his demonstration. In particular he:

  • uses “associative paths” to create jagged thrust lines in one easy step;
  • uses a combination of assembly motion and part motion to create those thrust lines;
  • moves one part in an assembly, and then quickly applies that placement to other selected parts;
  • creates convenient hot keys to further increase the pace of his work.

When I first saw this technique, I was blo...

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3DVIA your iPod #73: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Part 3



Here is yet another in-depth demonstration of a 3DVIA Composer integration to ENOVIA SmarTeam. This time you will see 3DVIA Sync Integration, 3DVIA Composer, CATIA, and ENOVIA SmarTeam all comimg together to create a very robust environment for creating, managing, and updating 3D animated content.

The example will show how SmarTeam meta data can be integrated into the 3DVIA Composer content, how the 3DVIA Composer file can be managed and updated by SmarTeam, and how CATIA modifications to the product structure can be automatically propagated into 3DVIA Composer.

Thanks again to Evgeniy Fedotov for the great sample integration and video.

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3DVIA your iPod #72: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Part 2



Back in Episode #64, you saw a great example of the power of 3DVIA Sync Integration and the ease and speed by which a SmarTeam integration can be built.

This podcast shows another example of integrating 3DVIA Composer into ENOVIA SmarTeam, in particular the ability to update Composer data with meta data modifications. The combination of Composer’s XML structure, associative labels that reflect current meta data values, and the ability to tie it all together into SmarTeam provides exceptionally robust capabilities for just about any customer-specific integration requirement.

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3DVIA your iPod #71: Standard Icons from Xype



Here is a great sample given to us from Richard Hale of Xype. The effective use of standard icons is prevalent in this example, and is used to ensure efficient information transfer from the author to the consumer of the data. Standardized icons and symbols ensure that the end user has a consistent visual aid to accompany the animated procedure. The icons can also be used as “hotspots” or links to provide an enhanced level of interactivity with the 3D document.

Thanks to Richard for sharing this sample and for showcasing how a simple standarization can further enhance the learning curve to add coherence and reliability for all parties involved.

If you have a sample tip, technique, or just want to share what you are doing, please drop us an email at editor@3dmojo.com...

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3DVIA your iPod #70: Simulating fluid flow in a tube



If you have ever wanted to simulate fluid flowing through a tube or filling up a bottle, this week’s podcast is a must-see. Tod Cruikshank, one of our 3DVIA Composer AEs, walks us through a couple of very interesting methods to produce a remarkable result.

Thanks to Tod for sharing his technique. And many thanks to Sentry Equipment for allowing us to use their data in this podcast. If you have developed an animation trick that you would like to share with us, email me at editor@3dmojo.com and maybe you can be our next guest podcaster!

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3DVIA your iPod #69: “Compound Motion Paths”



Back in podcast episode #44, you saw how easy it was to create complicated motion paths using the simple technique of combining assembly movements with part movements.

Yesterday I was browsing the 3dmojo forum, and I found a very good question posted by 3DComposter (clever and humorous username, by the way!). I thought the answer to this question would make a perfect podcast episode — how you can create a complicated motion path using very simple techniques.

Enjoy this podcast episode, and please feel free to continue posting questions to the forum. And if you have created any of your own interesting animation techniques, please feel free to share them with us by posting them directly into our forum under the “Share It” thread.

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3DVIA your iPod #68: Dewoitine D520 animated!



You may recall the Dewoitine D520 example that Laurent BEAUVAIS had created in 3DVIA Composer. Mr. BEAUVAIS had done a fantastic job of creating all of the views needed to show how to assemble the model plane — and this podcast episode will show you how easy it is to reuse those views and build an animation from them.

3DVIA Composer is all about giving you many ways to reuse and leverage your content, so that you can get your job done more quickly than ever before.

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3DVIA your iPod #67: Selective Decimation



If you have ever wanted to take your 3DVIA Composer file and maximize the performance while reducing file size and maintaining important details, this week’s podcast is a must-see.

Watch and learn how in 2 minutes, you can selectively control what components to optimize and what componets to maintain at a high level of detail — all while reducing the file size of the overall model.

Now you can not only take advantage of the industry-leading performance of 3DVIA Composer, you can even take it a few steps further. This kind of flexibility and control is yet another of the plethora of amazing capabilities and benefits contained within 3DVIA Composer.

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3DVIA your iPod #66: Intelligent Views, Part 2


Watch this podcast to see how, in 6 minutes, you can use the capabilities of Intelligent Views and Events to create an extremely interactive 3D document. It is yet another example of the elegant power inherent with 3DVIA Composer.

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3DVIA your iPod #65: Intelligent Views, Part 1


Many of you have seen how easy it is to create views with 3DVIA Composer. Watch this podcast episode to learn how to create “intelligent views.” If you have ever wanted to capture only a sub-set of information for a particular view — such as the camera, or a part’s position and color — and then apply that information to another view, you can easily do this with intelligent views.

This is yet another great feature of 3DVIA Composer that makes it extremely powerful and functional, yet wonderfully easy to use.

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3DVIA your iPod #64: ENOVIA SmarTeam Integration Sample



We are often asked about whether 3DVIA Composer can be integrated into a PDM or PLM system. The answer, of course, is a resounding “yes”. With the power of 3DVIA Sync Integration and our open XML architecture, our customers have been able to create very robust integrations to their business systems such as Agile, SmarTeam, ENOVIA VPM, and many others. And the best part is that they were able to complete those integrations very quickly.

Jonathan RIONDET was in Dassault Systèmes Russia last week and had the chance to meet Evgeniy FEDOTOV, one of the application engineers for ENOVIA SmarTeam. To prove how easy it is to integrate 3DVIA Composer into SmarTeam, he was able to insert our free 3DVIA Player ActiveX control into SmarTeam, to enable 3DVIA Player as the viewer for SmarTeam...

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3DVIA your iPod #63: “SolidWorks: Heard!”



This week I am pleased to bring to you a podcast from solidworksheard.com, a site dedicated to providing tips, tricks, tutorials, or tech news on all things SolidWorks. 

In this episode, Lou Gallo offers his expert opinions and insights after taking a 3DVIA Composer training class. He discusses what the product does and how it fits into the SolidWorks family of products. He explains why 3DVIA Composer is not a “replacement” to existing tools, but is a wonderful compliment to help bridge the gap between CAD tools and documentation layout and publishing tools.

Lou also talks about the other modules of 3DVIA Composer, and highlights some examples and use cases as to when you would need to use them and what value they will bring.

And my favorite part comes at the end of the podcast —...

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3DVIA your iPod #62: Custom Rendering



This week, Christophe Delfino demonstrates a new capability that was released with 3DVIA Composer V6R1. If you have ever wanted the ability to control the rendering mode on a per-part basis, we were listening. With “custom rendering” mode in V6R1, you can now create views that mix some parts in silhouette mode and some parts in shaded mode, or anything in between.

Watch Christophe select parts, create content, and adjust the rendering displays of that content in under 90 seconds. It is yet another impressive and extremely usable functionality of 3DVIA Composer designed to further improve clarity and communication, and demonstrates our continued commitment to provide customer-requested enhancements.

If you would like to request a subject for a future podcast episode, please ad...

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3DVIA your iPod #61: New 3DVIA Composer brochure


This week I bring to you a special Monday podcast: our brand new 3DVIA Composer brochure.

This version has been optimized for electronic distribution. High-resolution printed copies will be available soon.

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3DVIA your iPod #60: “Using 3DVIA Sync Integration to programmatically update your product deliverables”


In a previous podcast, you watched Jonathan use 3DVIA Sync to automatically update his product deliverables. It is a very powerful demonstration, and I encourage you to watch it again.

This week, you will see a similar demonstration, but with a very key difference: all of the CAD conversion and publishing to 2D formats is done using 3DVIA Sync Integration. Using scripting and XML job file definitions, 3DVIA Sync Integration offers a powerful way to equip your PLM systems with the ability to automatically trigger the creation of 3DVIA Composer files and publish them into several deliverable formats.

Most importantly, with 3DVIA Sync Integration your PLM system can take engineering modifications and perform incremental updates to the 3DVIA Composer content, re-publish your deliverables, and...

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3DVIA your iPod #59: “Knocking out the competition”



You’ve heard us rant about the exceptional qualities of 3DVIA Composer, and how we make better reuse of CAD data than other competitive products such as Isodraw. I’ve shown 3DVIA Composer to people hundreds of times, and I never grow tired of the look of amazement on peoples’ faces when they see what we can do. But what really amazes me is how quickly our customers can go from purchasing our product to being productive and generating positive returns: it’s a tribute to our architecture and ease of use.

It’s why we win benchmark after benchmark, why customers continually choose 3DVIA Composer over other products, and why customers actually turn off those products in favor of 3DVIA Composer.

But don’t take it from me… take it directly from one of our newest customers, Miller Formless...

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3DVIA your iPod #58: “3DVIA Safe, Part 2”



In Episode #54, Jonathan introduced 3DVIA Safe, and demonstrated how Secure 3D can be used to protect your intellectual property from reverse engineering. This week’s podcast shows another capability of 3DVIA Safe: “Right Manager”. Right Manager enables 3DVIA Composer authors to enable or disable certain functions in the 3DVIA Player.

Imagine if you had the flexibility to allow one 3DVIA Player user the ability to create cross-sections but not labels, or another user the ability to take measurements but not save them, or another user to only open the file for the next 10 days. With the Right Manager options of 3DVIA Safe, this flexibility becomes a reality. And not only can you set these options from within 3DVIA Composer, if you watch the previous podcast again, you will see Jon...

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3DVIA your iPod #57: “Using 3DVIA Sync to automatically update product deliverables”


3DVIA your iPod #57: “Using 3DVIA Composer Sync to automatically update product deliverables”

In any video program — podcast or network television — there’s occasionally a “can’t miss” episode. Number 57 — this episode — is one of those must see episodes.

In just about five minutes, this episode really puts it all together for you. Watch it over and over again to see the subtleties of what is going on and you’ll get the full understanding of what we mean by product information everyware.

In just a few minutes, Jonathan Riondet shows content creation, creating several deliverables so easily that it looks like one smooth motion. Then he shows how those deliverables can be automatically updated when the underlying product definition changes, such as when the CAD information changes. Of course, this data can be managed by a PLM system. And remember, we mean any 3D...

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3DVIA your iPod #56: “Using CATIA V5 metadata in 3DVIA Composer”


3DVIA-Composer-podcast-for-cad-and-plm-users-episode-56-Using CATIA V5 metadata in 3DVIA Composer

It is a real pleasure to begin yet another year with a new amazing demonstration of the power of product information everyware, as implemented by 3DVIA Composer.

One of the questions I hear almost every time we talk to CATIA users is, “what about metadata?” How does 3DVIA Composer re-use this critical CAD data when I want to create compelling product documentation directly from my CATIA V5 3D CAD data?”

And it’s an important question because that metadata — data about the 3D CAD data — is critical to producing accurate assembly instructions, technical illustrations and more. If you can’t easily get the data about the data from the digital product definition into your deliverables, then a significant piece of effectively automating the documentation process would be missing.

As you can ...

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3DVIA your iPod #55: “3DVIA Composer data sheet


This 3DVIA Composer screenshot shows how users can work in 3D and produce all the deliverables they need, including 2D line art…as compared to 2D-based tools like PTC Arbortext IsoDraw

This week, I am putting a new data sheet for 3DVIA Composer into the podcast feed instead of our usual video “vignette”.

I wanted to make sure everyone has an opportunity to see it, as it contains the first screenshots we have published with the 3DVIA Composer UI. Past PDFs we have put into the podcast feed have been extremely popular.

The blog and podcast will return in early 2008. Until then, everyone at 3DVIA wishes you and yours a happy holiday season.

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3DVIA your iPod #54: “3DVIA Safe”



This week, Jonathan gives us a compelling overview of 3DVIA Safe, technology that is part of 3DVIA Composer which absolutely, positively guarantees that users of 3DVIA Composer-generated data will not be able to copy it and abuse your design’s intellectual property.

Think about it for a moment: if we are really moving to an era in which 3D information becomes as commonplace as text, how are we going to secure this information? If everyone has 3D product data, how do we protect our digital product definition? After all, digital product data today is the product in many respects.

3DVIA Composer’s answer is that you do it in a way that encourages the use of the data but which makes it impossible for those uses to be diverted in ways that endanger the digital definition.

Pay special atte...

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