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Seemage your iPod #46: “Seemage XML-driven styles”


Seemage podcast for CAD and PLM users, episode 46, Seemage XML-driven styles 

This week’s episode is, as they say in the movies, a blockbuster.

Jonathan Riondet’s topic this week is deceptively simple: applying styles to Seemage content. You will be impressed with the ease and flexibility Seemage styles offer.

But then, about 2 minutes into this episode, things get very interesting: You witness the power of the XML-based architecture of Seemage as Jonathan changes the display language of the graphical image via modification of the external XML style information.

Consider the importance of this: automatic display of content in local language based, for example, on the language in use on the desktop. Being able to programmatically add languages whenever necessary. Elimination of reams of printed versions of product documentation.

This episode is an extraordina...

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A user’s perspective on Seemage


Seemage is used to document Hyster forklifts

We are very pleased to post here an unabridged version of the article Gordon Benson of NACCO Materials wrote for Machine Design magazine.

As you read Gordon’s paper, we hope you will agree that the issues and challenges Gordon describes are universal no matter what CAD and/or PLM system your company uses, and that his approach to solving those problems in his company is applicable to your company as well.

Gordon places special emphasis on the ROI of better product documentation, something we believe is more and more evident inside manufacturing companies today. It’s the kind of thing you might expect software vendors to talk about. But it’s so much more authentic reading Gordon’s perspective than simply hearing it from us.

We want to thank Gordon for allowing us to post the original...

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Seemage debuts for Japanese CAD and PLM users at the 18th DMS show in Tokyo


Seemage debuts in Japan for CAD and PLM users at the DMS trade show in Tokyo. Gordon Benson of NMHG (2nd from left) and Bruno Delayhaye (3rd from left) were on hand to participate

As you may have already heard, Seemage is making its Japanese debut at the 18th DMS trade show in Tokyo this week. In addition to the exhibit at the trade show, our partner Rikei Group has been holding  a series of seminars to introduce Japanese manufacturers to Seemage. From the reports we’ve heard, these have been hugely successful.

Pictured above second from the left is Gordon Benson, Senior Engineer, NACCO Materials Handling Group, Portland, OR, USA and, third from left, our globe-trotting, Paris-based VP of WW Sales, Bruno Delahaye at the Rikei exhibit on the trade show floor. I think this photo was taken yesterday (US time).

I didn’t get a close-up photo of the Japanese collateral for Seemage, which you see here being modelled by the ladies to the left and right of Gordon and Bru...

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Annoucing Seemage 4.2


We are very pleased to announce the worldwide release of Seemage 4.2. The press release we issued today, linked to this post as a PDF, details the exciting new features available in Seemage 4.2.

We also invite you to a webinar featuring Seemage 4.2 which we are holding on Thursday, June 21 at 14:00 EDT, 11:00 PDT, 18:00 GMT. Click here to register.

And, if you want to try Seemage 4.2, just click the icon below to go to our download page.

seemage 4.2

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