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Composer R2019 Highlights


Our R2019 release delivers functions implemented based on customer inputs. The resulting enhancements help improve productivity and overall user experiences even further.

  • UI Updates/Improvements: The following items are newly available with the latest release:
    • Modernized icons for enhanced visibility
    • New command search input in the ribbon
    • Select Adjacent Parts
    • Display of the number of actors selected
    • Grouping hotspot/selection sets
    • Avoid overwriting backup data (Auto Save Versioning)
    • New indicator of Intelligent View at the right bottom corner
    • Lock views
    • Search Collaborative Actors
  • More Language Support:Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish are now supported.
  • Fixed Size Arrows and Red Line Display Control: New options are added in the Properties pane to fix the size of the l...
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