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3DVIA @ Games for Health



Yes, the blog has been quiet recently… it’s been a pretty busy spring, we are preparing an exciting new product release for June. We continue to provide nice innovations and new tools to help you get your job done more quickly.

Expect a lot of activity, along with the new release of 3DVIA Composer, we have been creating a LOT of video tips over the past year, and they will be available very soon.

In the meantime, did you know that 3DVIA has a powerful gaming engine, that can be used for both casual gaming, as well as “serious games”? And did you know that it has some very interesting uses in the Life Sciences industry to help people learn about health concerns and to actually help them with phobias and other health challenges?

Check out this mention from the Boston Globe:

In other game...

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3DVIA @ European Customer Forum



“Your future is bright” is the theme for this year’s ECF at the Agora.

All day today we have been holding 3DVIA Composer sessions. Tomorrow, we will continue to hold these sessions, plus a whole series of presentations on 3DVIA Composer and 3DVIA Virtools. Here’s the agenda for Day 2.

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Taira Promote Deploys 3DVIA Composer and 3DVIA Virtools


Taira Promote, a customer in Japan, is making great use of 3DVIA products to liberate 3D data out of engineering and into the hands of technical publications and training manuals. They are using 3DVIA Virtools and 3DVIA Composer to develop and launch their “i-manuals”. These are in-depth , interactive, and on-line technical manuals to communicate and simulate highly complicated concepts.

You can view the press release here.

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